Android app development services using Kotlin

App development has become more efficient and secure

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Softieons offers mobile app development using Kotlin to give your app more stability, performance, and security.

Google designated Kotlin as the second official language for Android app development in 2017. Since then, both the developer and enterprise communities have seen an exponential increase in demand for the programming language. Improvements to Kotlin/Native with the introduction of Kotlin 1.3 are furthering the concept of multi-platform convenience.

The latest edition facilitates mobile app scalability by enabling the invaluable benefit of code reuse, which saves time and effort for increasingly difficult jobs.

What we provide?

Kotlin Project Support and Maintenance

We do everything in-house to keep your Android apps free of bugs, from simple maintenance to large overhauls of Kotlin projects. Our Kotlin maintenance experts have extensive experience with sophisticated diagnostics and can keep your apps up to date.

Kotlin Application Optimization

Our Kotlin programming services can help you improve old programs. Softieons will rate your Android apps' performance by doing an inside-out examination of their code and architecture. For best performance in real-time, our Kotlin developers will fix any current issues.

Apps written in Kotlin are being tested

We have the most up-to-date Kotlin testing suites to run thorough tests on your Kotlin applications. We do code reviews, functionality testing, load tests, and other evaluations to identify and resolve issues before they become a major source of service disruption.

Kotlin for Android App

When you need a strong Android app with powerful backends and feature-rich frontends, think of us. Our Kotlin app developers will use their experience to create apps that Android customers will want to install on their devices.

Migration to Kotlin

Our Kotlin development team can assist you with a flawless migration of your Android apps if you prefer to leave your current technology stack. We make Kotlin migration easier, more agile, less expensive, and less disruptive.

Kotlin Apps Upgrade

As Kotlin development progresses, your current apps may require an upgrade to keep up with the latest programming paradigms and fully utilize the Kotlin benefit. Your apps will always be cutting-edge and secure in this manner.

What Are the Benefits of Kotlin App Development?

Fewer lines of code

Bugs and errors are reduced

Improves the effectiveness of the team

Simple to Maintain