IOT - Internet of Things

We assist startup and companies build smart IoT solutions and converting analog items into digital products.

The future of business is a networked environment. You can control, manage, and exploit connected devices across a range of use cases with Softieons' IoT services to power your digital transformation. We understand that the Internet of Things isn't just about connectivity – it's about what that connectivity enables. As a preferred IoT development partner to some of the most disruptive startup and leading corporations, we understand that the Internet of Things isn't just about connectivity – it's about what that connectivity enables. We assist customers in achieving success by leveraging our business, design, and technological experience to help them bring their best ideas to market faster.

Services for IoT Development

Hardware for IoT

We create smart IoT prototypes to help customers test concepts before moving ahead.

Integration of IoT Firmware

Embedded software are developed and integrated into a variety of IoT and M2M devices.

Apps for IoT Devices on Mobile Phones

We provide cross-platform and native mobile apps that allow users to view data collected by smart devices.

Computing at the Periphery

We use IoT devices to do edge computing instead of standard cloud computing to ensure lower latency and faster data offloading.

Our IoT Solutions for Specific Industries

Our Industrial IoT solutions are designed to reduce operational costs and improve time to market for your company.

Manufacturing image


Our IoT solutions assist firms in leveraging smart technologies to increase operational efficiency and enable gear to run independently.

  Solution for Shop Floor Automation

  Solution for Predictive Maintenance

  Traceability of Products

Logistics and Transportation

The IoT is one of the most important digital transformation services for transportation and logistics organisations, as it helps them handle a variety of issues.

  Automation in the Warehouse

  Asset Management Software

  Vehicle tracking and fleet management

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Retail image


Create smart retail stores and improve customer experience with IoT data collecting and digital networking.

  Self-Service Checkout

  Management of Inventory

  Management of orders and deliveries