Wedding Website

Share the joy of your engagement and wedding with your friends and family with a beautiful and unique wedding website.

Having your professional, personal Wedding website to showcase your Wedding details & profile online is affordable for all small, medium, and big Weddings. The modern wedding website builds itself and comes with a responsive design. We combine gorgeous design and brilliant technology to give you one destination where you can manage everything for your big day. For highly complex wedding company websites, our onsite developers can work with you to accomplish any programming requirement. Our team believes communication and availability are key to professional wedding website development, which is why we boast an industry-leading customer experience for every wedding company client.


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Why Choose Us?

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  We boost your online presence by offering SEO-friendly Bridal and Wedding Websites and Apps

  Softieons will promote your Bridal and Wedding Website and App on social media channels to help you build your business

  It comes with an email marketing system built-in

  Softieons has a specialized staff with a lot of experience designing websites and applications, so all of the client's requirements are taken into account and met

  We also ensure that your website, app, and upkeep are secure from the start

Wedding Website Features

  Wedding Website intro


  Your wedding portfolio

  Create an event

  Tell a friend feature


  Display rate as well as different packages

  Photo Galleries

  Audio, video upload

  Unique & appealing design

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I have my domain?

Yes, you can create your personalized domain. Choose the domain name that you like the most and publish your website to share all the information about your big day with your guests.

Can the guests interact with my wedding website?

Yes, the wedding website is created especially so that your guests can confirm their attendance through the RSVP, send a gift via your wedding list, share photos before and after the big day, add music that they want to listen to such as a spotify playlist, upload videos, write messages, download the wedding calendar on their phones, and get all the info they need, whenever they want. Access your online and personalized wedding website with just one click!

Can I include my wedding gift list on my wedding website?

Yes, you just need to activate your list and add the personalized gifts that you like so that your guests can contribute. Whichever gifts you choose; couple’s trips, home décor, experiences, technology, etc., you will receive them in the form of cash directly to your bank account. It is considered the most elegant and personal form of receiving gifts which also allows you to use your guests’ contributions with total freedom, however, you want.

What is a wedding website for?

The wedding website is a free and personalized space, in which you can easily include all the details for your big day and share them with your guests. On the website, you will find everything you need to know: the wedding calendar, directions to the wedding ceremony, geo maps, recommended hotels and hairdressers, and interesting information about many other things.