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Harness the power of tech to boost property transactions and increase liquidity with perfectly customized software solutions.

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Real Estate App Features

Advanced chat options

A mobile application with advanced chat capabilities can help you to maintain a high level of communication with potential clients.

Requests for an appointment

This feature allows potential customers to schedule a meeting with your agency urgently and view the apartment they like.

Scheduling Meetings

Making an appointment with a realtor via a mobile application can significantly save time and increase the possibility of making a deal.

Push Notifications

The push notification feature keeps users timely updated about important information and helps them make more successful decisions. Real estate companies can also successfully use this function for their mobile apps.

QR Code Reader

Customers can read detailed information about a house, apartment, or building by scanning a QR code with a smartphone.

Virtual Tours

The ability to view properties virtually will help distinguish your real estate application from the competition. Realtors can take pictures or shoot videos of apartments and then mount a virtual tour.

Real-estate App Development Solutions

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  Property Management Apps

  CRM Solutions

  B2B/B2C Property Agents Apps

  Real-estate Apps

  Lead Management Solutions

  Rental Apps

Why Choose Us?

Multilingual Support

To ensure localization and numerous currencies, we provide support for our mobile applications in multiple languages.

Geolocation Support

We use agile project management approaches to ensure that our projects are completed on time.

Experienced Team

We have a team of certified mobile app developers who deliver cutting-edge technology solutions.

Direct Marketing Channel

We bring value to your company by incorporating a geolocation element into our apps, which allows you to easily search for properties in local areas.

Flexible Engagement Models

Our apps have in-app messaging, push alerts, and live chats, among other features, and they serve as a direct marketing conduit for your company.

Agile Methodologies

For the success of your business, we provide client happiness through our flexible, highly personalized interaction models.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which features a real estate app must have?

Features of real estate applications are decided based on various factors like the target audience, development platforms, and more. When you consult our real estate app consultant, he’ll explain everything in detail to you.

Is creating a real estate app profitable?

Yes, the real estate business is highly profitable. All you need to do is to start with the right planning, put in all your effort, target the right audience, and more to get into the field.

What is client do I need to provide?

We need a Server, domain, Apple Developer account, Google Developer Account. But need not worry about them, we will help you set up all these accounts.

Do you develop apps for iOS or Android?

Yes! Softieons Technologies builds applications for both Android and iOS platforms. We also provide cross-platform and hybrid application development services. Our developers have the necessary expertise to create the app for any industry, business, and platform.