CakePHP Development Company

We create powerful and feature-rich CakePHP applications and web portals to take businesses to the next level.

We have a highly trained team of CakePHP developers who have experience producing feature-rich web and app development utilizing the CakePHP framework as one of the early users of technology.


Designing CakePHP Templates

Our CakePHP web development services include building one-of-a-kind and attractive templates for your website, which will help you attract more users and clients.

Solutions for CakePHP Migration

We have some of the best CakePHP developers on staff who can easily migrate data and web traffic between CakePHP platforms or to a newer version.

Plugin Development for CakePHP

Our PHP professionals have created unique plugins for all CakePHP versions that improve the usability of your web app. This aids in the expansion of your company.

Application Development with CakePHP

By designing web apps with CakePHP, we at SemiDot help businesses achieve new heights. We've built some incredible apps for both small and large businesses.

CakePHP website building on a bespoke basis

We have experience creating highly responsive and entertaining websites that may help you attract more users and stand out from the crowd.

Maintenance and Assistance

Our work for you does not end with the creation of a web app. We provide maintenance and support services to ensure that the generated solution is error-free.


CakePHP is an open-source framework that allows for a quick and easy development process. Most PHP developers enjoy working with this framework since it enables them to create unique solutions with less coding, saving them time and effort. CakePHP provides excellent solutions for both small businesses and major corporations.

  Codes with fewer characters

CakePHP has a lot of plug-ins, so you don't have to write the source code over and over.

  Simple to comprehend

CakePHP framework employs very simple code, which makes it very easy for developers to comprehend.

  Quick and adaptable

CakePHP makes web app creation quick and versatile by requiring fewer lines of code.

  MVC (Model View Controller) Architecture

CakePHP is built using the MVC design, which can help to speed up the development process.

  Secure and Safe

The CakePHP framework ensures that websites and web apps are safe and secure.

  Rapid Advancement

CakePHP has built-in capabilities that save time while also making modification simple.