Multi-Vendor App

Sell More and Earn More by creating an extensive multi-vendor marketplace.

The Multi-vendor marketplace is one of the most trusted and efficient business models in the ecommerce business. Developing a multi-vendor marketplace mobile application is the most challenging and tedious task considering the competition found in the market. We have professional mobile app developers who better grasp the multi-vendor e-commerce app development challenges. Therefore, we can provide quality and business-centered solutions. To build a connection between various sellers and buyers, we offer superior multi-vendor e-commerce solutions.

Why Choose Us for Your Online Business?

Our expert developers help businesses of all sizes implement creative Multi-vendor ecommerce solutions and online marketplace to accelerate growth and increase ROI instantly.

Highly Competitive Pricing Models

Fully-Customized Customer, Driver & Admin Apps

Complete Pre-built Multi-vendor Marketplace App

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Multi-vendor Mobile APP - Basic Features

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  Registration / Login

  Forgot Password

  Force Version Update

  Email Notification

  SMS Notification / OTP Verification

Multivendor Mobile APP - Basic Admin Features

  Admin Editable

  Admin Notification

  Backup & Restore Data

  Export Option

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What can be the estimated cost of the multi-vendor e-commerce app?

Every project has its specifications and we are taking a special, fresh approach to the same. The cost of development differs based on the features, functionality, and form of the project.

What is the difference between an online store and a marketplace?

An online ecommerce store can be used to list your products, but a multi-vendor marketplace website or marketplace mobile app lets individual sellers join the platform and sell their products.

Can a multi-vendor marketplace have store pages for individual sellers?

Yes, you can let vendors create and manage their inventory on your marketplace. Vendors and their products can be rated by customers.

What limits can I set on shipping and fulfillment?

A marketplace website or mobile app can use location-based shipping so sellers aren’t required to ship to regions that would be difficult for them. They can create their shipping options and set the price.