E-Wallet App

Experience the modern and the entirely safest way of expending money with our e-wallet app development services.

Get a customized fully-protected digital wallet app, e-wallet application, and mobile payment app. We offer feature-rich and fully-protected eWallet Application Development Services for Android, iPhone, and Wearable Devices. We offer both customized and on-demand mobile wallet app development solutions that are highly secured. Our team uses the latest tools and technologies and strives to deliver best-in-class mobile wallet services for businesses of all kinds.

Different Panels for eWallet App Development

Admin Panel

The admin panel plays an important role. Here one can manage the details of the app for the customers.

Admin Panel image

  Default admin panel

  New offers

  Manage users

  Usage Analytics

  Cash Report


  Users Data Control

  Manage the contacts

  Secured database

  Intercom Support

  Add/Block Features

User Panel

The digital wallet mobile app development team needs to affirm that your customers have a ceaseless and highly impressive experience.

  User Registration

  Add Balance

  Transfer cash

  Accept payment

  Transaction History

User Panel image

  Authorize Bank Account

  Balance status

  Pay bills

  See Offers

  Invite Friends

Features from Our Mobile Wallet Development Company

  Back Up Feature



  Digital Receipt

  Reward Point

  QR Code

  Refer A Friend

  Transactions History

  Push Notification

  Fully Protected

  Secured Transactions

  Rewards & Points

Features from Our Mobile Wallet Development Company image

Why Seek Our Mobile Wallet Application Service?

User-friendly Interface

Provide your users with an interactive and user-friendly interface so that they have an enhanced experience while using the application.

Smooth Payments

Applications that we build are free from any hassle or technical glitch, thus, ensuring nothing but accurate and smooth payments.

Easy to Use

We avoid including any complicated feature in mobile wallet applications so that users, can understand the payment portal easily and use it.

Highly Discoverable

Transactions that are done via the app are linked to a single entity, it ensures that the payment processes are transparent and easily discoverable.

Secure Transactions

We don’t leave any loophole in your e-wallet application and check all the security aspects through a stringent testing process.

Effective Time Management

By adding a time management feature in the mobile payment app that reminds you of the bill payment and recharges dates well before time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a digital wallet?

A digital wallet is an automated way to hold different forms of confidential details safely, including credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, electronic currency, tickets, and IDs. Not that every wallet stores payment details of every kind. Although words like a digital wallet, mobile wallet, and e-wallet both mean approximately the same thing, they cover somewhat different resources functionally.

What will be the future of e-wallet mobile apps?

The future of digital wallets has so far appeared grim, with e-wallets now fully integrated with other wallets and bank accounts. Users will now transfer money to another from one digital wallet and even to any bank account. This flexibility of wallets would expand the penetration of smaller cities' digital wallets and assist in economic development. The cost of merchant onboarding will be minimized as the e-wallet issued card will be approved by merchants via POS machines, and there would be no need for separate boarding merchants.

What are the benefits of mobile wallets for my business?

There are three main reasons why allowing mobile wallet payments encourage cooperation for business owners, beyond the cool factor of playing with your phone: security, speed, and convenience. NFC transfers are done within seconds, which is easier than handling or modifying magnetic stripe cards. They are also dramatically quicker than payments by EMV (chip card), which can take longer to process than payments by magstripe. You will significantly shorten client wait times at checkout by taking payments from mobile wallets.

Do you provide support and maintenance after delivery?

Yes, we are offering free support and maintenance up to 1 year after delivery.