CRM - Customer Relationship Management

To strengthen customer relationship management procedures, we offer end-to-end customized development services.

Softieons specializes in unique and scalable customer relationship management (CRM) solutions development, implementation, migration, and support. Our clients may handle customer data and interactions, enjoy a robust workflow within a complicated organizational structure, harness the power of scalable automation, and manage staff and resource performance by employing CRM software solutions. We're always improving our CRM expertise and skill set for a variety of industries and sectors, including pharmaceuticals, finance, and healthcare.

Services for CRM Development

Management of Accounts and Contacts

Allows you to have complete visibility over your customers, including important contacts, internal account conversations, activity history, and more.

Data Management for Sales

Integrate trustworthy third-party applications, extensions, and plugins seamlessly to let businesses access the most accurate, up-to-date sales data.

Management of Opportunities

Allow users to see every important element in their client's activity timeline, such as what stage the deal is in.

Management of Leads

Gain complete insight and control over the most current customer contact information.

Integrations with Email

Enhance your own CRM platform with seamless email connection, which syncs current email channels with the CRM.

Dashboards and Reports

Design and install modules that allow users to get a real-time perspective of the complete business.

CRM Solutions That Are Made to Order

Softieons creates specialized CRM systems for the healthcare, banking, real estate, and other industries, with a focus on automating sales, marketing, and customer service business operations.

  Solutions for CRM Process Automation

Engineer platform-based CRM process automation solutions that help firms optimize existing sales, marketing, and customer care processes.

  Solutions for CRM Mobile Apps

Create bespoke mobile CRM apps that allow users to browse calendars, check and send emails, and much more to help organizations complete transactions.

  CRM Cloud Services

Develop unique cloud CRM systems and give painless cloud-based CRM setup, allowing round-the-clock access to all critical client information.

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