Telemedicine App Development

Develop Custom Telemedicine App that connects healthcare and patients for virtual consultations

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We can help you develop a smart application that helps patients to schedule on-demand doctor appointments, access real-time health data, monitor health, and do much more with a single click. As a leading telemedicine app development company, we make on-demand doctor consultation processes uncomplicated for everyone. Our mHealth app development services offer specific features to doctors, patients, and service providers that simplify healthcare practices across the world. Our robust and customized healthcare solutions are developed by industry experts with deep healthcare experience who understand the significance of information security.

Key Benefits of Telemedicine App



Reduces waiting time for patients and burden on clinical staff by connecting doctors and patients via video calling.


Facilitates patient engagement with a seamless video experience and allows healthcare providers to conduct appointments from their office or home.

Better Health Outcomes

With instant prescription and quick treatment from the home, patients can take more rest and avoid movement from one place to another.

Fewer Last Minute Cancellations

With instant video visits, chances of the last-minute appointment cancellation chance get reduced.

On-Click Video Calling

Simplifies patient-doctor communication by allowing them to get on a video call with one click without the need for downloading any software.

One-Click Screen Share

Whether its treatment instructions or medical charts, patients or doctors can share the document simply by sharing screens.

Key Features of our Telemedicine App Development

To streamline the workflow of the healthcare industry, the telemedicine app development solution plays a major role. It is beneficial for both the patients and doctors.


Reviews & Ratings

Amazing UI/UX

Appointment List

Payment Options

Home / Clinic Consultation

Video Consultation

Online Scheduling

Medicine Order

Patient App

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  Search Doctors

  Book Home/Clinic Visit

  Book Video Consultation

  View Upcoming Appointments

  Appointment History Access


Doctor Panel

  Manage Profile


  Trip Information

  Track Earnings


  Help and Support

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Telemedicine Admin Panel

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  Powerful Dashboard

  Manage Services

  Register Doctors

  View Appointments

  Reports and Analytics

  Configure Notification

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Telemedicine app development?

Telemedicine app development is the process of developing an Android app, an iOS app, and/or a Website to provide the facility of telemedicine. Telemedicine utilizes various technologies to diagnose and treat patients from a distance.

What is a doctor on-demand app?

Doctor-on-demand apps allow patients to get instant treatment online by Doctors or health experts anytime, anywhere by the means of the mobile app or web platform. Features like online appointment scheduling, video calling, prescription, and online payments make the consultation process easier.

What is the procedure to get a Telemedicine app for my clinic?

Getting a dedicated telemedicine app for your clinic is very easy. All you need to do is submit your requirements to us, determine whether you need any additional customization in the white-label solution or not, sign up and complete the payment to finalize the project and we’ll deliver a working telemedicine app for you.

Do you provide ongoing support and app maintenance post-development?

We are your end-to-end healthcare and telemedicine app Development partner and provide you complete Qualitative Analysis, Performance Analysis, Ongoing support, and Maintenance services 24*7 during and post-development.