Our digital business card platform makes designing a card simple, convenient, and reliable.

VCard is a new platform that allows users to move beyond traditional printed cards. Create, design, distribute, and advertise your digital business cards with vCard. It even has several referral schemes where you can earn money. It only takes a few clicks to create a simple vCard and customize it to your liking. You can customize the page by adding basic information, portfolio links, videos, images, and social media handles. To the end-user, vCard gives a fantastic user experience as well as the gratification of helping to save the environment.

How Does It Work?

This Is A Smart, Elegant, And Affordable Digital Business Card.

Create your Card

In just two minutes, you may create a digital business card.

Save to your Device

In just two minutes, you may create a digital business card.

Share with friends and colleagues

Share on a variety of platforms.


Direct calls, text messages, and calendar integrations make it simple to follow up with people you meet.

Main Elements of a Typical Landing Page

One Business Card, Endless Possibilities

  One Click Call

  One Click WhatsApp

  One-Click Email

  One Click Navigate

  Add to Contacts

  Website & Social Links

  Share Unlimited

  Online Store

  Easy To Update

  Photo Gallery

  YouTube Video Gallery

  Payment Section

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