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Get a complete solution for your School Management application with custom and advanced features.

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School Management System Software is an integrated solution specially designed to simplify school management's working process. The school management system software has turned into a powerful online community to bring teachers, parents, and students together on a common interactive platform. Softieons school management software Development Company is a complete one-stop solution for those who want a perfect blend of top-notch features with high-end user-friendly services. Our school management system software is specially designed to automate a school's diverse operations. We have a highly skilled team of developers and engineers with the expertise to build software that will help you manage all the administrative tasks that you want for your school. Whether you need modules for students, employees, or generic tasks like payroll, front office, and the like, we can do it all.

Features of School Management Software

School Management System Software is a new way to turn schools into modern schools. It helps to enhance productivity and brings effective management. As a school management software development company we offer an advanced management system software that smoothens communication and allows teachers and parents to keep track of their kid's performance.

Student Information

Students' related information can be easily accessed by parents, teachers, and students. The school management system can also offer real-time information and announcements through SMS as well.

Attendance Management

The attendance management system is the main feature of any school ERP software. App follows RFID school management systems, which makes attendance taking faster, easier, and more comfortable.

Report Cards

A school management system automates the process of report card generation and printing with the help of an interactive GUI. With students' grades in the database, the report card may take only a few seconds.

Teacher Information

The system also keeps a record and provides real-time information about teachers' activities for administrative purposes.

Real-time app notifications

With real-time app notification features, parents get updated and notified about the progress of their child's performance in the school.

Fee Management and payment

With School management systems, parents can pay their child's school fee online and get receipts for their fee payment.

App for Parents

The mobile app is quite handy and easy to receive updates for knowing all the school information and staying updated.

  Nutrition Education/ Workout Guides

  Push Notifications

  Mobile Scheduling

  Social Media Integration

  Geo-location integration

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App for Teachers

The mobile app is a bridge among teachers and parents, which helps them to connect knowing children’s daily works.

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  Manage Student’s Activities

  Update Homework and Assignment

  Update Exam Results

  Update Attendance

  Receive Management Notification

  Connect with Parents

Management Panel for School

The portal helps to manage teachers’ and students’ activities and update notifications.

  Manage Teachers & Students

  Update News & Events

  Manage Payment Integration

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much time will take to build my School Management app?

The process of developing a School Management app includes app designing, prototyping, app development, Q & A Testing, and deployment. To perform all these operations, we will divide the project main-stone based on the percentage of completion. Developing a School Management app with basic functionality will take around 30 days. If need any other additional functionality then it will take some more time around 45 to 60 days.

How to develop school management system software?

School management system solution is a collection of some computer instructions that is managed to do the day-to-day administrative tasks of the school. This helps in digitally monitoring the daily activities along with managing all the resources and information on a single platform.

How do I make school management software?

Educations are counted as the light of our society. To keep the track of a huge number of students and the teacher it becomes difficult for the school management to maintain the pressure. In this modern era, school management software is very essential for all schools.

Features of the software:

  • ⦁ Student record

  • ⦁ Dormitories information

  • ⦁ HRM (Human Resource management)

  • ⦁ Asset Management

  • ⦁ SMS or E-mail service

What are the pros and cons of hiring a software development company?

The pros:

  • ⦁You will get access to a large talented team of programmers, and developers

  • ⦁ The company will follow to achieve its vision and short-term goals.

  • ⦁ The professional have good knowledge about the trend and the technology.

  • ⦁ Knows the exact time in which the works are needed to be completed.

The cons:

  • ⦁ May face problems related to quality control. Difficult to manage the code between the projects until you see the result.