Escooter App Development

The innovative on-demand E-scooter and bike ride solutions for your needs.

EScooters have introduced smarter and greener commuting options and offer an economical solution to traffic congestion issues. They represent the next wave of a sharing economy applied to personal transport solutions. E-scooters are now modes of commutation, and we have been developing applications that have given the end-users and the environment relief from a series of different problems. We have deployed several custom-built Electric Scooter App on different scooter platforms from different manufacturers, for different end clients and use cases.

Features in Our e-Scooter Mobile App

In-app Payment


Social Media Integration

Cross-Platform Ability

Reimbursement of Additional Charges

Choose from a range of eScooter

Barcode scanning

Multi-lingual Support

Benefits of Having an E-Scooter App

Cost-effective solutions

Our development solutions are highly efficient and help equip your e-scooter rental business with the most powerful and scalable application in the market.


The entire city is easily accessible with the help of these e-scooters and so, you can reach your destination at the allotted time safely.

High Revenue Generation

This is generally regarded as a high revenue generation model from the business model perspective. So, the profit earned is high and the expenses are minimal.

Escooter Rider App

  Login & Registration

  Setup Payment

  Select Scooter Type

  App Feedback

  Automated E-receipts (invoice)

  Instant Bookings

  Scheduled Bookings

  Book for Others

  Cancel Booking

  QR Code Scanning

  Edit Profile

  Sms Alerts

  Invite New Users

  Trip Sharing

Escooter Rider App image

  Earn Credits

  Vehicle Tracking System (GPS)

  Flexible Payment Options

  Automatic Fare Calculation

  Rate Card

  Android & IOS Device Support

  Multi-Currency Support

  Safety Options (SOS)


  Dynamic Ul Rendering

  Address History

  Multi-Language Support

  Email Alerts

  File Complaint

Escooter Admin Panel

  Multi-Currency Support

  Edit Profile

  Role Management

  Vehicle Management

  Complaint Management

  Trip/scooter Tracking

  Dynamic Ul Rendering

  Rate Card

  Vehicle Tracking System (GPS)

  Flexible Payment Options

  User/customer Management

  Trip Management

  Revenue Management

  Rate Chart Management

  Track Daily Reports & Transactions

  Flexible Vehicle Options

  Trip Invoice

  Geolocation Boundary Settings

  Automatic Fare Calculation

Escooter Admin Panel image

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should I develop the E-Scooter app for a small town?

E-scooter apps can be developed for small towns and big cities. The new models of E-scooters can run from 20 to 30 miles and can be easily used to travel short distances. They are eco-friendly and cost-efficient. So, you can save money and protect the environment too.

How can you be sure that your e-scooter is safe with the riders?

The e-scooters can be easily tracked down using the GPS tracking system available. You can throw away your worries as the scooters will have a smart lock system that will only be accessible to the authorized rider and no one else can take away the e-scooter. Nowadays, sturdy e-scooters having safety features are available to make the riding safe for your customers.

How does your support squad work?

We provide a complete system which is followed to track all the queries of customers. Moreover, we do take all the necessary steps to solve several issues as quickly as possible.

Does the App limit the number of users registering on the platform?

We provide a complete system which is followed to track all the queries of customers. Moreover, we do take all the necessary steps to solve several issues as quickly as possible.