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News Web portal is the digital platform that brings in different news from different sources. In this digital era, everyone is getting digital. No matter you are a start-up or established news channel, a journalist, or a newspaper agency, it’s time to go digital. A news web portal helps you to reach your niche and target audience by adapting to the latest technologies. If you are looking for the right company for News website development then you are at the right place. We are one of the best News portal web development companies with the finest solutions for the customized and specific needs of web development.

Our Features Include

News Website and Web Portal Development

Customize news portal development

Easy managing administration panel

Customize News Portal design

Latest news update

News highlight

Images and Video posts

Add/delete/edit features

Maintenance and Support

Multilevel features (Admin, Author, Users, and more)

Integrating Content Management System (CMS)

Add/edit/delete advertisement or banner

User App


  Categories Selection

  Feed Personalisation

  Email News

  Social Sharing

  Search and Filters

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Admin Panel

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  News CMS

  Push Notifications

  Engagement Tools

  Social Media


  Personal Feed

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We recognize the importance of providing our clients with a high-performance, fully functional news app. We have the necessary resources and an experienced team to meet all of your project requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a news portal?

News Portal is a digital way of sharing news to the world. Through a news portal, anyone can publish publications, Press releases, Columns, Articles, Blogs, and Other news related information. Softieons is a leading News Portal Development Company in India, provides super satisfactory work.

What is the best CMS to manage news portals?

WordPress will be the best content management system for a News Portal that helps to update brilliant content for publishing News and it helps in Planning, Drafting, Editing, Publishing, Schedule, Block-wise modification of pages and posts, and best for a news website. WordPress helps you download all the content in XML Format and make it easy to move on a different system in the future.

Should a Fintech startup hire an agency to develop its app?

You can start your News Portal Online with the help of the best news Portal Development Company with the following step:

  • ⦁ By getting your domain name registration on your Adhaar Card

  • ⦁ By choosing premium hosting with unlimited space and bandwidth

  • ⦁ Installing perfect newspaper design theme

  • ⦁ Customize your design accordingly

  • ⦁ Update daily articles

  • ⦁ Promote your News Portal

How do online publishers make money?

Online publication make more money than expected without any fancy offices and other expenses. Online publishers make money through Digital Advertising like showing paid advertisement banners in websites, Subscriptions, Affiliate Linking, And Ecommerce sale.